The Project




#BritainBreathing is the first nationwide project aiming to better understand when the symptoms of seasonal allergies (such as hay fever) occur, what factors affect this and why seasonal allergies are on the rise.


We need you



To do this, we need to collect data from lots of people on when and where their seasonal allergies (such as hay fever) occur. This will allow us to create a big database that we can combine with other information such as pollen counts or pollution data to build a better understanding of allergies and their triggers.

How do I take part?

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All you need to do is download the #BritainBreathing app to your phone (available on Android and iOS) and fill out a short questionnaire.  Then, whenever you experience allergy symptoms, log these in the app - it should take less one minute.

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Monitor your symptoms



When you start entering your allergy symptoms into the app, you will be able to track how these change over time.  This might give you insights into what is triggering your allergies.


Explore the data




We are currently developing a UK map that will allow you to see what allergy symptoms other people are recording around the country.  Watch this space for more details...



Take part now

Download the #BritainBreathing app on to your phone on Android or iOS and start entering your symptoms.